In the News: The Romney Tape


September 21, 2012 by Erik Ritland


What a handsome Mormon.

Some tapes surfaced this week of Mitt Romney saying some controversial things at a fundraiser. Privately, might I add. But I suppose nobody’s personal space is private anymore, especially with somebody in the public eye, and especially if what the person said can get used against them to slander their name (which the president has already decided to do).

Whenever stuff like this comes up, and it happens more often during the primaries, there’s always the same reaction: the side of the person who is getting slandered rationalizes it as not being as bad as it is and the “other side” exploits it for all its worth. Whatever. Is it going to change the way anybody votes? No. Come November some crook Democrat or Republican will take office. Stuff like this is completely irrelevant.

What he said was insensitive and unnecessary but not as bad as it’s being exploited as saying. He’s speaking in generalizations, obviously. As much as those against him would disagree, I’m sure neither he nor his audience took him literally. But that’s the rules of the game: ignore all subtleties of conversation for the purpose of exploitation. As if people on the so-called opposite pole of Romney think any more highly of him and his supporters. Hypocrisy all around.

Click here for an interesting story about a tape of the Obama that has also leaked recently and how little coverage it’s getting comparatively.

Erik Ritland is a writer and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. His blog and podcast Rambling On features commentary on music, sports, culture, and more. He is also a contributor for Minnesota culture blog Curious North. Support Erik’s music via his Patreon account, reach him via email, or find him on Facebook and Twitter.


3 thoughts on “In the News: The Romney Tape

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